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The Cancer Care Foundation provides the following programs to individuals in Chicago and its suburbs.

Cancer Care Counseling

The Cancer Care Foundation offers free individual and group counseling sessions. The Foundation employs 10 counselors on a contractual basis, including counselors who are fluent in Spanish, Russian, Polish, and other Slavic languages. Patients are seen in the office of the designated counselor, although our counselors will conduct home visits if the patient is unable to get to an office. To make an appointment, please call the Cancer Care Help Line at (847) 920-1356.

Cancer Care Help Line

Our Help Line offers referral services for cancer patients and their families. The primary purpose of the Help Line is to refer clients to one of our counselors, although The Help Line also provides individuals with information on where to find health care, what community services are available, and other pertinent information.

The Brain Tumor Support Group

The Brain Tumor Support Group is one of the only support groups in the state that is specifically for patients with brain cancer. The group is run out of Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL. Please call the Cancer Care Help Line for more information.